Sunday, August 10, 2014

O.U.R. EcoVillage (aka Champions of the World)

Tim talks with Ashley and head gardener Grant about
the benefits of carpet seeding lettuce beds
Sheet mulching the terraces for the future food forest
Compost tea made from dandelions, comfrey and yarrow

We are currently on Gabriola Island in BC but catching on blogging about previously visited sites.
In mid July, we spent two nights with some more champions of the world. You know, those people who have spent their lives doing the work to bring abundance, peace and harmony to their communities. I’m always humbled in their presence. Having spent my life as an artist I was probably more in the camp of “do no harm” since doing good is hard to prove in an artistic practice.

O.U.R. Ecovillage is on Vancouver Island. It’s about 20 years old and, like most intentional communities, has gone through many iterations. The last of the original residents and land holders, Brandy, is a force of nature and is now helping to take the community to its next ambitious step. The Ecovillage is already a highly regarded learning center for all things sustainable. They are planning a cob building workshop for the coming year that will be dream team taught. A large cob constructed eatery was being built during our visit where chefs who understand the deep natural medicine of healthy nutrition will conduct classes.

Again, we met an amazing group of people who intern, garden and build as champions of the world. Many thanks to them for their good work.

Desert Take Away: This summer, the drought is being felt for the first time here in BC. We have been told that the winter rains stayed steady but the summer has been completely dry for the first time in local memory. The drylands permaculture lessons we are learning in Joshua Tree may be important ones to share with the rest of the world at some point.

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