Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Vortex

Lot of folks in Joshua Tree talk about the vortex-like nature of the place. It pulls you in, entices you with its hard beauty and makes it difficult to leave. Williams Oregon has a vortex too. We never intended to stay for 4 days but the connections just kept coming on. Williams is a lush remote agricultural valley where lovers of pot, organics, kombucha, Rudolf Steiner, biodynamics, ceremony, fermentation and permaculture (to just name a few of the passions) come together. Thanks to the citizens of Williams for being so kind and open to us!

Open mic night in Williams

The lush food forest at Seven Seeds Family Farm.

Jill helps harvest Calendula at the Herb Pharm.

Tim discovers Mesquite flour in the Williams general store.


  1. Thanks so much for the nice write up on our little vortex of happiness!! That's my guy Jim (of The Herbivores) on guitar, grandson Seven on Saxophone, Uncle Mike on drums and a couple other folks we didn't know!! We sure love our open mic night at Cocina 7!! Great to meet you and have fun on your journey!

  2. Thanks for the names of the players. That was a great set!

  3. Hey, do you have any tips for a (21 year old) out-of-stater on how to possibly get involved in Transition Joshua Tree? I'm currently in NY but lived in the desert for around 8 years and the vortex has gotten ahold of me as well haha! I miss it so much and feel compelled to return so I can learn how to properly/sustainably take care of the land that I spent my formative years in.

  4. Go to and click on Get Involved. Most of the working groups r on summer hiatus right now but the contact info is there. U can also email and ask to b put on the email list.