Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Larry Williams makes biologically
activated charcoal.

We arrived at the Whatcom County Skill Share Fair on August 23. I had been reading about biochar just before leaving on our road trip and was very excited about the possibilities for soil remediation and water retention in the desert. I was happy to learn that Larry Williams would be teaching a DIY workshop at the Fair on how to make one's own biochar.

I glued myself to Larry and photo documented the whole process. It's actually very easy to do. Biochar is controversial particularly because it could be ecologically devastating done as Big Business (what else is new?). But done correctly and small scale, it can do the following:

1. create a biologically active carbon condo that soil building microorganisms love to occupy (Occupy Carbon!)
2. increase soil water retention dramatically
3. sequester carbon!

Can't wait to get back home, share knowledge and make some.

Desert Take Away:
Occupy Carbon!

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  1. Oh poo poo on the big business; small scale is our future. Thank you Jill. This would be great if it can be combined with composting toilets somehow. Small scale is our future; "our" is small too. It's enough just handling us locals.