Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Solstice 2011

I've been observing the wild energies on our land for 6 months now. We put up a wind sock. Each day I write down the temperature, the quality of sky, the animals observed. We've also been noting the movement of the sun and on December 22 I put a marker on the farthermost shadow cast on the north side of our house at the winter solstice. I drew a picture of the exact horizon locations of the appearance and disappearance of the sun on that day. In a permaculture way, this is all very important to note so that passive solar can be done right, plants put in the right spot and all the other interwoven decisions can be made.

But this feeling struck me on the solstice. An actual feeling, not an intellectual construct. I think Galileo must have felt this way. I've seen his drawings. What I felt was the earth turning. No more sun risings and settings...only the earth turning. And I'm stuck to it in the most frightening and sublime way.

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