Friday, December 16, 2011

When Your Mother is Right

OK. This post is an unabashed maternal celebration of being right. So few times in life does the difference between being right and wrong get to be clear and inarguable. My son is a great musician and songwriter. Like everyone else, he was bemoaning the lack of job opportunities in our crashing economy. I was about to go off to Northern California to get a Permaculture Design Certificate. I lobbied hard for him to do the same and pitched the kind of new frontier of job opportunities in this area. So he bought in (many thanks to the Ex for his tuition). Now, two months later he has a job on a permaculture farm at $20/hour. He loves his job and he still has time to work on his music career.

The world needs this knowledge badly. These two-week permaculture courses are the best kept secret in education. The fee is usually between $900 and $1500 which includes being housed and fed. You come away with some of THE most important information available today and the hands on knowledge to start putting it into play.

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  1. Glad this worked out for your son; I pitched it to my daughter Steph as there is a similar course near San Francisco but she ignored my plea. She found a job on the warf and is content. I allow her the course that she chooses for herself; it's enough for me knowing that I have planted seeds that may take root in her some day.