Monday, March 10, 2014

No Waste

Home-made composting toilet

One of the beautiful notions of permaculture is that there is no such thing as "waste". In an integrated system that mimics the patterns of nature, everything is recycled...including human manure (called humanure in permie circles). It has to be done right but when it is, it produces a rich soil that is excellent for mulch basins. I built this composting toilet in one day. Inside the green tote is a 5 gallon bucket that is nested in a styrofoam template so that the bucket is correctly re-aligned after emptying. The toilet seat cover is on a plywood sheet that has cork spacers under it - again for correct alignment. The bucket will be emptied into a large 55 gallon drum. The drum will sit for 2 years with occasional aerating with a compost aerating corkscrew. It's not hard to do but the correct method should be carefully researched. Dave Omick's website is excellent. Also check out The Humanure Handbook.