Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I love to make fires. It's strange how good I am at it. Not a pyromaniac. Just a lover of the craft of making the hearth sing. I also like to think about fire in a permaculture way - as in, nothing is isolated, everything is in relationship. So if I were to build a campfire on my land here is how I'd do it as a permaculturalist:

1. I'd copice the wood from the tree windbreak on my property - mesquite and black locust, trees selected for their high fuel efficiency.
2. I'd build the fire ring with rocks from my land with the high side against the SW prevailing winds.
3. The ring would be built high enough to reflect the fire's heat so I can build a modest fire and still have lots of warmth.
4. I'd leave the access side rockless making it easier to manipulate the fire.
5. I'd nestle the fire between 2 rocks that hold a cook grill thereby stacking the functions of the fire.
6. I'd stand back and admire my work.
6. I'd respect the fire and never leave it unattended. I'd have a bucket of grey water nearby...just incase.
7. Then my mate and I would drink a glass of wine, sit around the fire and fall in love all over again. Another stacked function.