Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Letter to the New York Times

Letter to the Editor                                                                                                5/28/13
NY Times
Published: May 26, 2013

Which is more heartbreaking – that we’ve reached CO2 levels of 400 ppm or that the powers that be are once again considering untested action, this time on a global scale? How is an earth-loving activist like myself suppose to hold this in my heart? How is anyone supposed to hold this? I’ve cried, raged, despaired and still I take the next creative step. I’m deeply involved with my community in taking positive action that works to regenerate our ecosystem and provide sustenance for all creatures that inhabit this place called Joshua Tree, CA. We use the ethics and design principles of Permaculture to accomplish this and it works. We have to lobby our county and state governments to understand it and support it. It’s a velvet revolution. Can we survive what we’ve caused? No one knows. But we permaculture people are giving our whole hearts to the attempt.

Jill Giegerich
Permaculture Designer
Professor, UC Riverside


  1. Excellent letter

    Our fight locally is with the city of Pasadena to keep development out of a watershed. It's a decades long fight and I have such admiration for those who have, consistently over the years, stuck it out. The hope is seeing how many young people have joined us gray hairs.

    1. There's nothing more important than holding the watersheds sacred. Thank you for your dedication. And yes, kudos to the awakened youth!

  2. This free course just came through on-line. It might be of interest to you. It is to me.